The Black Healing Resting Place

Black Farm Studio House Co. strives to share resources through initiatives that connect to a range of ideas, perspectives and needs.

Program: July-October 2021

The Black Healing Resting Place is a reimagined umsamo (place of healing) where queer, trans and nonbinary-identified folks can take pleasure in leisure and attend to the traumas of the mind, spirit and body.

The Black Healing Resting Place is a nomination-based program. We welcome artists, urban farmers, educators, students, organizers, midwives, birthworkers and others to our property grounds for respite, personal transformation and healing.

This initiative is critical because it offers black folks a space to rest and breathe, symbolizing and demonstrating enactments against forms of violence and dispossession.
Racha Tahani Lawler Queen combines décor design aesthetics and spiritual practices from her South African and Southern traditions to curate an outdoor installation site where wellness and care practices can exist.

The Black Healing Resting Place is a one-person experience; however, we can support two-persons, if they are from the same household. In service of the community, we will be diligent in following heath and safety protocols.

BLACK FARM STUDIO HOUSE CO. advocates for the health and wellness of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and LGBTQIA2 communities.
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