The Black Farm

The Black Farm was inspired by our peers and black farmers across the world. In July 2020, we acquired wooden planter boxes, converted from twin-sized bedframes, and began our food growing journey.

During the first summer season, we planted a variety of leafy greens, mint, basil, green beans and an assortment of flowers. For extra nutrients, we buried composting chicken egg shells from our chickens and coffee grounds into the soil.
Since our first season, we’ve erected a greenhouse structure to protect the crops from persistent squirrels, raccoons and opossums. During the winter, we planted turnips, blue curled kale, echinacea and African marigolds. We look forward to seeding and harvesting as the seasons change.

What we’ve grown has supported our family. Most importantly, as we tend to our garden, we grow stronger as a family.

Chickens: Sonny, Ghostface, Nipsey Blu.

BLACK FARM STUDIO HOUSE CO. advocates for the health and wellness of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and LGBTQIA2 communities.
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